Ionth is the leader in virtual ecosystem development. Created by and for entrepreneurs. Optimistic values. Diverse project approach. Active in mentoring. A place for the virtuoso.

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The intention of Ionth is to create value in the market for remote places that want to improve their solution capacity. We drive growth for your generation. Entrepreneurs that aren’t near a tech hub, need resources. Ionth helps connect people in developing markets and beyond to collaborate together. Creating new value in the cloud, that you didn’t know you had. A village for entrepreneurs.

It all started with a MVP and a dream. Forged in 2012, a blog was created, a place where people could garner what was happening in the virtual startup community. As this launched into other outlets, so did the demand for non-blog virtual startups. With these projects there was a need to elevate their meaning and help them develop further. This then became a technology company, but there was a major issue that hadn’t been addressed. How could other entrepreneurs decrease their learning curve, work on virtual startups and bring value to things that startup evangelists would call unscalable?

In 2016, after years of iteration, the global virtual incubator is launching with the purpose of infusing a new form of business creation to the startup community. The global virtual incubator. Now Ionth works with aspiring and current entrepreneurs in being the leader for virtual ecosystem development. Bringing a passion to the journey. And this is just getting going.

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